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Healing power of nature is unleashed in this all-natural pain relief balm.

Available in four sizes: Sample, Trial, Jar and Economy Tin.

 That Dragonfly Stuff is an all natural soothing balm that helps to relieve joint pain, muscle pain, dry skin, psoriasis, eczema and much more. There is also a Vegan friendly option, because who doesn’t just love animals?

Arnica and Hemp seed oil mix to create a powerful pain relief, along with many other ingredients in That Dragonfly Stuff healing products.

Ingredients include: African Shea butter, Emu oil, Arnica, Hemp seed oil, Ginger, and a unique blend of essential oils.

 These powerful ingredients mix to create a long lasting and cumulative effect. (Without any hot or cold sensations.) Working quickly to relieve pain, it reduces inflammation while also increasing proper blood flow to the area. Resulting in amazing potential for restorative healing.

Each and every ingredient in That Dragonfly Stuff was chosen because of its proven healing abilities, then combined in a unique formula for maximum healing results. 

Hand crafted in small batches with healing intention and love.

Dedicated users of That Dragonfly Stuff soothing balm swear it eases pain like nothing else has.

Don’t believe me, check out our testimonials!

Also available in Massage oil, Bath salts and Lotion.

Free samples available in Regular and Vegan friendly options.

Disclaimer: All Natural healing effects proven with That Dragonfly Stuff products only. This includes all; Bath Salts, Massage Oils, Emu free and Regular Soothing Balms.