DIY Bathsalts

Great for gifts Bath salts,you can use any bottle or jar you want to, for a basic recipe add Epson salt and essential oils, you can add many other things to be as exotic as you wish

Face masks and body wraps made from  fruits and vegetables you can find in your fridge, provide an easy way to care for your skin, I will be adding new ideas frequently. ==================================================================================== pumpkin is awesome for the skin easily makes a great facial or body wrap I use canned pumpkin and add a little […]

Taking care of you

Taking care of you By practicing meditation/stillness we learn to have better control over our  thoughts and emotions, this helps us make good choices, and improves our  overall well-being, you will  feel more connected to the world, you will start  to feel a quiet happiness within,that you can always go too.  Meditation  brings us home […]