Here is how That Dragonfly Stuff is helping real customers...

Alora Harris

Here are a handful of real, unedited reviews from both long term users of TDS (That Dragonfly Stuff ), and new customers alike.



Can't live without my balm 

Heather Zander-Nye

I broke my toe a few years ago and I had a jar of balm that Ellen had given me and i used it for 3 days and i had absolutely no swelling or bruising I was so amazed! I use it for everything now. Thanks Ellen for making a product that will help so many people in pain you have a amazing gift!


Stella Rollins‎

hey, wanted to tell you that I used that dragonfly stuff a couple weekends ago on my "mommy's thumb" (a pain in my wrist that many moms get from repetitive picking up stuff....) and it made the pain go away. I've used it a couple times and it's worked!! This pain began after i had Jesse and it will slowly creep on and last a couple - few weeks and then just disappear. but each time it comes on, it comes on worse.... but now, since I felt the initial pain start and I used that dragonfly stuff. it hasn't come on at all!!!! SO STOKED! THANK YOU!! I will definitely be buying some before too long!!


Ive been using the Dragonfly soothing balm for a couple years now. Such a fantastic product, Ive probably gifted more than Ive used honestly. I want everyone to have it in their medicine cabinet! Its great for any sort of skin/body issues, and smells and feels fantastic. My favorite part is that its such a clean natural product; it can be so difficult to find something I’m comfortable putting on my skin, and this is chock-full of healing ingredients, appropriate for any age, any body. The best testimonial comes from a friend I sent a container to, that suffers from back pain due to an old car accident that literally broke her vertebrae. She refuses to take opiates for her pain, considers herself too young to get addicted to that gnarly stuff, and so is constantly on the search for something natural to relieve her issues. 

Marcy Landry

My neck was so very sore and I was suffering from major headaches. I even tried physical therapy to no avail. Now i use the balm daily and voila, no pain! Thank you!

Jill Fritz Gonzalez

I've been using it for over a year and will not go without it. It has drastically reduced the amount of pain meds especially during the night! yes I started with a sample and have hooked several others up with them


Karin Thomas

Hi Ellen, just wanted to let you know that this Christmas I gifted Dragonfly Stuff to about a dozen of my friends and cousins, who all have fibromyalgia and arthritis. I wanted to share your amazing balm with them, so they would experience the relief it has given me. Thank you for your wonderful gift, and may your holidays be blessed!




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