How To Protect Your Home This Fire Season

Alora Harris

It's fire season across the nation and I've noticed a severe lack of knowledge among my neighbors on how to keep your home safe from a blaze. So here are some tips from NFPA.org about how to prepare your home for the fires this season.

  1. Create an Emergency Plan. You should prepare a safety kit with important documents, personal identification, and medications. Remember to include things like a map of any escape routes, bottled water, a general first aid kit, and fire blankets if you can. Also create an Emergency Evacuation plan and practice it with your family so everyone knows exactly what to do and where to meet.
  2. Prepare Your Home. To prepare your home incase of wildfires: clear any old debris like leaves, pine needles, and trash from gutters, porches, eaves, decks etc. to prevent your home from igniting. Remove any old or dead plants to at least 10 feet from the perimeter of your home. Prune your trees so the lowest branches are at least 10 feet from the ground. Remove any flammable materials from at least 30 feet from the foundation of your home and outbuildings. Keep your lawn hydrated, if you don't have neighbors, water 10 feet off the perimeter of your yard.
  3. Stay Informed. Keep an eye on the news and be prepared. Move all emergency kits close to the door for quick evacuation. 
To learn more about how to stay safe during wildfire season, go to NFPA.org

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