What Is "That Dragonfly Stuff soothing balm?"

What Is "That Dragonfly Stuff soothing balm?"

 That Dragonfly Stuff (or TDS) is an all-natural, 100% hand and family made soothing balm. Originally it was made for my mother’s own chronic fibromyalgia and arthritis from over 20 years of bartending.

That Dragonfly Stuff is an all natural soothing balm that dramatically helps relieve joint pain, muscle pain, skin conditions and so much more!

The synergistic effect of ingredients has a lasting and cumulative effect. Not only does it work quickly to relieve pain and stop bruising, but it also reduces inflammation and promotes proper blood circulation. Resulting in the amazing potential for restorative healing.

When it worked so great for her, I started giving it to other people who had arthritis or joint pain to see if it would help them or if it was only offering a placebo effect. Placebo is when you believe something will work and your mind makes you think it has even though there was no real improvement.


What happened next was so far from what I had expected. It started to work on so many more things than just Fibromyalgia pain. It cleared my aunt’s plaque psoriasis and is the only thing to successfully do so. It worked wonders on my Great Aunt’s brittle nails, now she uses it every day and it prevents breakage or peeling. It’s worked to heal severely chapped lips.

 I personally use it for everything under the sun; Scrapes, bruises, dry skin, diaper rash. My dog gets hot spots, and dry pads and this is the only thing I’ve used that actually helps the problem rather than suppressing it. The faster you get it on a fresh bruise, scrape, or burn the quicker it will work.



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I’d love to sample this !

Donna Blankenship

I would love a free sample please.

Lisa Meeks

Sample please
133 6th Ave SE
Oelwein, IA 50662

Tracy Sefert

I was wondering if you could send any samples. Thank you!!

Carly Slifko

Would like to get free samples


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