That Dragonfly Stuff is an all natural soothing balm that dramatically helps relieve joint pain, muscle pain, skin conditions and so much more!


Why “That Dragonfly Stuff”?

Alora Harris





Why did we name our All Natural Soothing Balm “That Dragonfly Stuff”?

Before we had ever brought this product to market, we sold a little here and there flea market style in Lapine, Oregon.

There was this one particularly sweet elderly couple, they were very kind to us in our hour of need, and they used TDS for their chronic joint pain. They came to me one day and said “we need some more of ‘That Stuff’.” 

In the process of thinking up a name for it, I since the Dragonfly is my personal totem, I wanted to use the word “Dragonfly” in the name of my healing product. I happened to run into this very same couple a few days later and the woman suggested that I just name it “That Stuff” and thus, the name That Dragonfly Stuff was born.

We have gone through several cosmetic upgrades with our labels and containers and yet our product remains the same.
100% all-natural and hand made. Our family goal is still the same, to provide as many people as possible with relief through That Dragonfly Stuff.

However, we have added to our product line at the request of our customers. We take you guys very seriously, when you email us or put in a product request, we will do our very best to make a product for everyone.

We will be doing yet another cosmetic upgrade, we plan to shorten the name to TDS, while it will still remain “That Dragonfly Stuff” we feel that TDS is shorter and easier to say rather than a mouthful like “That Dragonfly Stuff All Natural Soothing Balm.”

We also plan to add in the near future:

TDS Extreme Soothing Balm - just like the massage oil, this balm will contain a bit of Oregano oil to pack an extra powerful kick on pain. We have prototyped this balm for ourselves already, and I can say this stuff is fantastic. I’ve had a cyst in my ear for about 6 months and this balm kept that excruciating pain at bay long enough for me to get into the doctor. ( If you are interested in how I managed to get rid of that cyst, leave a comment below if I get 15 I’ll do a post.)

TDS Massage Oil Candle – this is a candle made out of all the same ingredients as the massage oil, you light it, the wax melts but never gets extremely hot, and you rub it wherever you need it. It is a fantastic choice for date night. There will be one version with body glitter and one without.

TDS All Natural Soothing Balm 2.0 – As always, we will keep our original recipe with the powder, but we have been asked by a few people if there is a non-gritty formula. Well there wasn’t before but we are now in the beginning stages of development for this balm.

We can’t wait to add these into our store, and hope you can’t wait to try them!

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