Collection: Soothing Balm

The pure power of nature is unleashed with this all natural product. That Dragonfly Stuff is an all natural soothing balm that dramatically helps relieve joint pain, muscle pain, skin conditions and so much more!

The synergistic relationship of ingredients has a lasting and cumulative effect. Not only does it work quickly to relieve pain and stop bruising, but it also reduces inflammation and promotes proper blood circulation. This results in the amazing potential for restorative healing.

The relaxing combination of essential oils also provides a wonderful aromatic treat for the extra bit of relaxation. Aroma therapy and pain relief all in one. This balm is pure pleasure for the skin, the body and the senses.

  • Each jar is handcrafted in small product batches, and hand packaged with healing intention and love.  
  • Each and every ingredient in “That Dragonfly Stuff” was chosen because of its proven healing abilities, and then combined in a unique formula for maximum healing results. Handcrafted and produced right in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, That Dragonfly Stuff is a Product of Oregon.