Reviews sent to us directly

Here's what some of our customers have written to me about their results from using That Dragonfly Stuff products

Amber Moore –   

“Hello Ellen,
Thank you for making such awesome natural products! I’ve been dealing with some awful pain in my feet for quite some time and have found that the soothing balm helps calm the pain. I like to use it for the nagging itch on my arms and now I go all day without that burning, itchy feeling. That is pure awesomeness & such a huge relief! I will be ordering more products along with sharing some for Christmas gifts for those whom I know will love your products & benefit from them. Thank you again Ellen! “

Lisa Gallegos –

“I’ve received my sample and so far I’ve used it on a rash I’ve had for weeks and it has really helped it. The rash isn’t gone, but it is much better. I also used it on my husband’s hand, he is a guitarist and also suffers from tendinitis as well as chemo induced neuropathy. He had to play a gig and his hand was hurting and cramping, I rubbed in the ‘stuff’ and he was able to play all night with no trouble at all. And finally I used it on my son’s knee, he fell and scraped it and it was all red and hurting. The ‘stuff’ not only stopped the tears I think it kept it from bruising as well. I’ll be placing my order for a jar ASAP!!
Thank you so very much for your time and efforts – the dragonfly stuff is amazing!!”

Jojo Godsmackfan- 

“your a blessing. your stuff works so good and makes my life easier..i save it for the hard days…and there are many….my free sample came very quickly and i could not wait to try it…now im a life long user…if you hang around….and trust me guys this stuff lasts forever…i have osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, bursitis, and it works for me wonderfully….i am able to get some sleep when i use it….and i have spent thousands on tempurpedic, and bed toppers, etc.. and this little concoction of Ellen’s is the best relief i have found yet…thank you and never stop….”

Janice Stayshich –

At first I was attracted to your site because of our mutual love of our animal totems—dragonflies! Then I saw what you are about in creating your balm, and the comments from users, so I HAD to order my own for my chronic pain from left hip bursitis and back pain. I ordered & received mine last week, and started using it every night (the bursitis bothers me the most when I am lying down so it continually has been interrupting my sleep!). The first 2 nights I didn’t notice a significant difference, but then each night the pain was diminishing, and this morning I woke up realizing that I had NO pain through the night last night! Amazing! And the scent is so lovely! Thank yo so much! I also got a little travel tin and am going to Ohio to see my 85 yr old mother who is in an assisted-living place and has severe lower back pain and arthritis in many places. I am going to try it on her when I am there and see how it works for her. If it does, then I will order some for her!”

Ruby Saunders –

” I received my free sample a couple days ago! Yayyyy!!! Thank you so much. It’s amazing! And it smells so wonderful! My son’s eczema is improving already and my hands are so soft. I’m telling all my friends. I can’t wait to order a jar, Dragonfly Landing…I think I love you.”

Amanda Whyte –

” I just wanted to thank you for sending me my free sample. I tried it first on my dry chapped lips, and it really improved them, after just one use I woke up the next morning and they were much softer. I also have some back problems to begin with, and now that I’m pregnant my back is sore and achy all the time. I rubbed some into my back the other night and it definitely eased some of my pain right away. I think with continued use, it will really help a lot. It also made my hands very soft, and it smells awesome. Love this product! Will definitely be ordering a jar.”

Patricia Emlyn –

” I just want to say thank you so much. I have severe back problems. My back goes out on me about two to three times a year and lately more often. Sometime all it takes is a sneeze or just a wrong move. It affects my legs at times my calves and toes go numb. The pain is sometimes more than i can take it brings me to tears. Well i got my free sample just in time my back had been sore for a couple of days and i woke up very stiff. I used just a little of the balm and within 20 min i felt relief and it continued to improve as time went by. I plan to order some as soon as my financial situation improves. Again thank you so much.”

Pam Walton, Williams, C.A.-

"Ellen, had my soothing balm for three days and cannot believe the difference in my knee. It is just amazing. Also have arthritic thumbs from crafting and the balm is working on them (thumbs) also. Thanks for your dedication and hard work. Will be in touch and oh, have a relaxing vacation."