Our Mission

That Dragonfly Stuff for Pets!

As a small family owned business, our goal is to share this wonderful healing product, and provide as many people (and pets) as possible with all natural, no side effect, relief


"I just wanted to share an additional use I've come across. I have many of your products including that dragonfly stuff massage oil. My inside dog, George, a border- husky mix of old age, licks and bites on his front legs/paws til they are raw. I rub the DS oil on his legs and they have an amazing healing effect. So remember to share the wonderful "stuff" with your four-legged kids as well!"

Trisha Vititoe


"My Jack Russell has hot spots, I apply a little to the areas. Between a change in diet and using the balm: she is much better! I don't worry because it's natural"

Susan Wise Turner

The Story Behind That Dragonfly Stuff

I created this balm for my own chronic pain issues with Fibromyalgia and arthritis. I grew weary of spending money on trying to find a product that actually worked, as well as the extensive use of inactive or unnatural ingredients. Since I had years of experience previously owning my own herb, spice and natural healing business, I decided to put my mind to it and see if I could come up with something more effective. I was surprised, and skeptical at first, with how well this blend seemed to work for me, but time and time again everyone that I asked to try it said the same thing. "Unbelievable." Pain of all sorts of varieties and causes, as well as chronic skin issues, seemed to simply dissolve!

The all natural ingredient lineup includes Shea butter, Emu oil, Arnica, Ginger, Hemp Seed Oil and a relaxing combination of essential oils provides a wonderful aromatic treat for the spirit as well. There is no greasy after feel, and no hot or cold sensations. Each ingredient was chosen because of its proven healing abilities and then combined in a unique ratio for maximum healing results. And, even as important as the immediate relief is the cumulative effect in healing. The longer that people have used it, the deeper and longer lasting the results have been.
I invite you to also take a look at our website for a full list of the balm, massage oils and essential oils that I offer. There is a version without Emu oil for those who prefer to have no animal products as well. There is also information on the website about the benefits of each of the ingredients, and testimonials from customers on the site and many, many more on our Facebook Page.
"That Dragonfly Stuff" is produced right here in the heart of the Pacific Northwest and is handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. Bulk and wholesale pricing can be arranged for use in your practice, or for retail to your customers once you discover how much you love it.
I hope you will give it a try and then drop me an email to let me know what you think or for any questions you may have. Ordering is quick and easy online.
In health and well being,
Ellen Morehouse Dragonfly Landing