Our Mission

That Dragonfly Stuff for Pets!

As a small family owned business, our goal is to share this wonderful healing product, and provide as many people (and pets) as possible with all natural, no side effect, relief. 


"I just wanted to share an additional use I've come across. I have many of your products including that dragonfly stuff massage oil. My inside dog, George, a border- husky mix of old age, licks and bites on his front legs/paws til they are raw. I rub the DS oil on his legs and they have an amazing healing effect. So remember to share the wonderful "stuff" with your four-legged kids as well!"

Trisha Vititoe


"My Jack Russell has hot spots, I apply a little to the areas. Between a change in diet and using the balm: she is much better! I don't worry because it's natural"

Susan Wise Turner

The Story Behind That Dragonfly Stuff

Owners of Dragonfly Landing

My name is Ellen, I am 57 years old and the creator of the handmade, all natural soothing balm That Dragonfly Stuff.

Being a waitress for close to 20 years, I struggled with severe Arthritis and Fibromyalgia in my hands. I searched far and wide for a product that could offer even the slightest relief, and after much expense and disappointment, I decided to create my first batch of That Dragonfly Stuff soothing balm.
It worked so well for my friends, my family, and myself, that we have decided to share the healing power of this product with the world. I brought it to market in 2010 intending to do just that.

Starting out, we were just a Facebook page with one product and no idea about running an online business. We have since expanded into a family run company that takes pride and joy in what we do; creating and helping people discover all natural pain relief for personal and professional use.

Even though we have come so far since then, our products are still made the same. All natural with healing intent and love. I really hope That Dragonfly Stuff works just as well for you as it has for all of us.

The Dragonfly Lady